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Lounge & Living Rooms

The main, open plan, living area provides for group gathering and activities whilst more secluded sitting areas offer quiet, private spaces to relax, read, gather your thoughts or observe the group goings at arms length.


Main Lounge

The open-plan, main, living area connects with the heart and functional areas of the house including the internal private, garden courtyard; Looking out over the expansive SEAWARDZ views of Smiths Lake, Cellitos Beach and ocean to the east.

Sitting Room
Serves as a separate sitting/reading room and converts to the fifth bedroom, for added sleeping, for larger groups.

Music/Sitting Room
An extension to the main bedroom and separable, with sliding doors, for privacy.


Several sitting rooms, nooks and bay window settings, with direct access to the SEAWARDZ views and ideal for relaxing together, separately or alone.

Living Rooms provide:
• Wide screen TV;

• CD/DVD player;

• Sound system;

Library of CD's, DVD's and Books;

• Antique (upright) piano;

• Games and Puzzles cupboard.

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