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About Seawardz

Equaling the spectacular natural, assets of Smiths Lake/Pacific Palms area is a challenge.  With SEAWARDZ, we tried.

Firstly, at SEAWARDZ, access to the great outdoors is available from every bedroom and living room with views to the fabulous Smiths Lake, Cellitos Beach, Sandbar and ocean views.

Then there's the fabulous, courtyard and garden dining setting, the BBQ area and lawn, yes, all with the fabulous SEAWARDZ views.

The courtyard setting and level walk to lawn, is the ideal location for inclusive family, close-to-home games and activities, making for easy, continuous, relaxed supervision and maintaining group connectedness.

Additional to the main courtyard, various additional settings provide for smaller, intimate outdoor dining, reading, relaxing or sun-baking activities.

Whether you're watching the sunrise, warming in the first morning sunlight, shading at midday under the spectacular, dragon tree umbrella or catching the last of the late afternoon or evening  sun with a cuppa or cocktail, there is a place and a setting for you.

Some of our guests have come for a weekend and stayed for a week - they've found a space, a place, a nook and a setting that is them and theirs!

Dragon Tree Seawardz Accomodation Pacific Palms
Bench seat Seawardz Accomodation Pacific Palms

A contemporary delight in the heart of the Mid North Coast, SEAWARDZ, is a beautifully appointed holiday home.  With its warm and inviting luxury feel, SEAWARDZ is the premium choice for couples’ getaway retreats and multi family, escape holidays.

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